Why Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors Should be Your Choice

Looking to update your kitchen but not wanting to overspend. Our Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors are just the answer you are looking for. By simply replacing the Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts you can have a remodeled Kitchen within your reach. Through our company you will receive solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts all at wholesale pricing. We have been providing the same great wood kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts to contractors and professionals across the country for years. Why not take advantage of the same price the wholesalers receive? All of the wood kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts we offer are made in our manufacturing facility using solid 3/4 inch maple, cherry and oak. Every order we receive ships out of our facility within 10-14 business days. Shipping rates are based on UPS fees, if you are concerned with the shipping cost please call our staff to discuss. Customers in Canada please call us toll free to place an order or for shipping rates.

When you order from Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors you receive custom cabinet doors made to within one 16th of an inch. We also build custom wood doors, over 30" in width by 60" in height, by special order. These larger custom wood doors require extra fees so please call for pricing.

If you want hidden European hinges we do offer this option for an additional $8.00 per door. We also offer kitchen cabinet doors that are already primed for an additional $8.00 per door. If you are in the market for kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts, we offer the frames or mullion doors for $6.00 per door. These doors are routed for glass and we provide the hardware necessary to easily install the glass on the back of the door. We do not provide glass.

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